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How do I care for my quartz?

Quartz is very easy to maintain. We recommend you use soap and water or light cleaners ( greenworks, lysol, etc) for your daily cleaning. Please stay away from any harsh chemicals or any abrasive cleaners.

How much does quartz cost?

The price of quartz will always vary depending on the square footage, what brand, and what colour you have chosen for you quartz countertops.

What is the average turnaround time for countertop installations?

The average turnaround time for the countertops to be installed are roughly about 2 weeks after the final template day, assuming that the slab/slabs of the colour chosen are in stock.

Does all quartz include warranty?

Each brand typically carries out their own limited manufacturing warranty, and will have to be registered with the brand directly via their website. Faro Countertops includes 2 year installation warranty.

Why is quartz better then granite?

The reasons why people agree that quartz is better then granite are because, quartz is a non- porous material, therefore it does not need to be sealed, which makes maintenance easier. It is stain resistant, heat resistant, and impact resistant. Very few things can damage quartz as countertops, making it one of the most durable surfaces available today.

What is the difference between the brands of quartz?

The difference between brands of quartz is usually where the stone is manufactured, the warranties each brand carries out and guarantees they have on their products. Most quartz are all made up of the same compound being 90% ground quartz (a natural hard mineral) with 8-10% resins, polymers, and pigments.

How long does it take for the items to arrive after being ordered?

The item ordered will typically take about 8-10 business days without any disruption of the mailing company.

Can kitchen faucets and sinks be bought in store?

Yes you may come into the Faro Countertops store to purchase sinks and faucets, however they are not kept in store and will require us to receive them from our warehouse.